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Author: Marissa Meyer
Published: Feburary 4, 2014
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Pages: 550
Rating: ★★★★★
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The Lunar Chronicles gets better and better with the latest installment of the series, Cress. Cress is the retelling of Repunzel, but instead of a tower, she is stuck in a satellite at the mercy of her mistress and the Queen of Luna. She has made an appearance in the first book, Cinder, but now we get to explore her character a lot more.

Cinder and Thorne, still the galaxy’s most wanted criminals, are on board the Rampion, with Scarlet and Wolf, on a mission to stop Queen Levana and dethrone her. Meanwhile, Cress, stuck in total isolation in her satellite, is constantly ordered around by the Queen herself to be her personal hacker. Cress longs for escape and comes across the path of Cinder and her gang, but things don’t go exactly as planned.

I am not very familiar with the actual fairy tale of Rapunzel, aside from the knowledge taken from Disney’s Tangled. Meyer seems to have loosely based Cress’s story around what everyone should know about Repunzel: long hair, and unreachable tower, and a dashing hero that comes to save her. Since that was all I knew about Rapunzel I was pleasantly surprised to see how the story played out for Cress and how it still stuck to the general aspect of the fairy tale.

Marissa Meyer never fails to create characters I love. Not only did I miss all the old characters but I love the new ones as well. I can never seem to pick just one favorite because Meyer just has a way with characters that makes me adore all of them, no matter how crazy they are. The dynamics of the characters just continue to grow and I can wait to see where they will be at the end of the series.

Just like in Scarlet, an additional character point of view kept up the fast pace of the story. The whole story so far has been interconnected and definitely has an ending that leads up to a possibly epic finale in Winter, which I absolutely cannot wait for! The bar is set pretty high for the final installment of The Lunar Chronicles but I have no doubt that Meyer will give us a finale worth waiting for.

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